INTERNATIONAL WEEK at the Faculty of Forest Sciences of the Swedish University of Agricutural Sciences

From March 25-29, in Umea (Sweden), a meeting of representatives of 15 universities from twelve countries around the world on the development of forestry research and didactic cooperation took place. Hosts and guests from the following universities shared their experiences:

- Beijing Forestry University (China)

- University of Life Sciences in Prague (Czech Republic)

- Estonian University of Life Sciences in Tartu

- University of Freiburg (Germany)

- Poznań University of Life Sciences (Poland)

- University of British Columbia (Canada)

- Forest Research Institute (ICFRE, India)

- North Carolina State University (USA)

- Oregon State University, College of Forestry (USA)

- University of Georgia (USA)

- University of New Brunswick (Canada)

- University of Padova (Italy)

- University of Wageningen (Netherlands)

- Vietnam National University of Forestry

During the presentations, talks and educational fairs, all participants declared their will to intensify existing and establish new contacts.

In the case of our Faculty, the possibilities of intensifying cooperation with European universities within the ERASMUS + program are particularly interesting:

- signing of an agreement with the University of Freiburg (Germany)

- extending of the agreement with the University of Padua (Italy) for the direction of forestry

- extending of the existing agreement with the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences SLU

There are also prospects for the implementation of foreign internships for students of our Faculty, including Canada and the USA, but their availability will depend on the possibility of obtaining financing from international exchange programs with countries outside the European Union.

I encourage all researchers, lecturers and students of our Faculty to actively participate in the development of exchange with our partners and to keep track of information about existing and new opportunities for international cooperation.


dr inż. Tomasz Najgrakowski

faculty coordinator of the ERASMUS + program