Call for papers - Forests Special Issue "Physical Properties of Wood"

Special Issue Information

Dear Colleagues,

The physical properties of wood are usually defined as properties that can be determined without changing the material's size, shape, or chemical composition. Nowadays, the basic physical properties of wood are generally well understood. However, the development of more accurate and faster modern measurement methods has had a significant effect on this field. Owing to this, it is possible to continuously expand our knowledge of wood, helping us understand the materials better and thus allowing us to use it as a dedicated material for numerous new applications.

This Special Issue will present innovative methods for measuring the physical properties of wood, describing the physical properties that have so far not been well known or understood, and discuss problems and doubts relating to the physical properties of all types of wood, including industrial (sound, degraded, green, dry, and modified wood), historical (archaeological and waterlogged), and growing trees of all species. We highly encourage contributions to this Special Issue from all relevant fields in the form of both original and review articles.

Dr. Edward Roszyk
Dr. Magdalena Broda
Guest Editors