Wood Science

MSc in Wood Science at the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology

Start date: October 2024 (next upcoming edition)

Entry requirements - BSc in:

  • Wood Technology
  • Wood Science
  • Forest Products Engineering  or related sciences
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Engineering Mechanics


Contact person: Dean's Proxy Prof. dr hab. Bartłomiej Mazela, e-mail: bartlomiej.mazela@up.poznan.pl (or directly to wood.science@up.poznan.pl), phone number: +48 61848 7459.


Duration: 4 semesters (full-tіme)
One-time enrollment fee: 65 EURO
Tuition: 800 EURO per semester (in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd semester), 700 EURO in the 4th semester

Foreign students who are in a difficult financial situation or started their education in a second fee-paying programme can apply to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs for a tuition fee waiver.

The course editions 2020/2021 and 2021/2022 have been free of tuition fee thanks to the Project “The Best in Nature! The integrated development program of the Poznan University of Life Sciences” no POWR.03.05.00-00-z228/17. The referred project is co-financed by the European Union from the European Social Fund within the Operational Program of Knowledge Education Development 2014 – 2020.
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Main modules:

  • Physical properties of wood
  • Chemical properties of wood
  • Wood protection
  • Drying and hydrothermal processing of wood
  • Furniture design and engineering
  • Wood machining




Dear Students of Wood Science course,
On behalf of the Program Council for Wood Science Studies, I would like to inform you as follows:
  1. The recording of audio or video by students during the classes must be approved by the teacher. If such permission is obtained, the recorded materials cannot be made available to the public (see sec. 27, par. 8. of Regulations for Studies at the Poznań University of Life Sciences).
  2. It is forbidden to use third party works (including your colleagues’ texts) in the preparation of credit reports, passing written tests or exams. When quoting content from the literature, it should be clearly stated that it is a quotation and it is necessary to provide the source of the quotation (author/authors, title of textbook or scientific article, etc.).
  Vice-Dean for Studies
/-/ Prof. UPP Dr hab. Eng. Edward Roszyk